Jigger Eradication



Jiggers keep kids from going to school, running, and playing.They prevent people from walking and working.People with jiggers often become outcasts.This small parasite negatively impacts every aspect of a person’s life.

We have teams of volunteers and social workers engaging the communities.  You can find them in schools, and in households across Eastern Uganda.  They spend every day teaching people how to live jigger-free and connecting vulnerable families to community resources.

These are parasites that can dig under human skin and suck your blood causing skin infections, deformity, and to some extent cause death.

Juggers are common in the tropics because of the warm climatic nature and too much dust. Jiggers can be avoided once one maintains good hygiene and sanitization practices in the household.

It’s unfortunate that most people who are infected by jiggers are living in abject poverty and most of the time require external intervention to save the situation. The common victims are the elderly, little children, and those suffering from mental illnesses hence the vulnerable.

It’s because of the above-mentioned reasons that Mpendo packer foundation has worked hand in hand with community leaders and family to fight this pandemic.

Mpendo packer foundation has worked so hard with the community leaders to change the mindset of people about the causes and prevention measures through sensitization and empowering then with good sanitization skills.Mpendo Power Foundation also holds outreach programs where those affected are treated free of charge and given free shoes and socks.

This is done through volunteers and generous donations from well-wishers.

You can also be apart of this great cause by contacting us.